Sunday, February 27, 2011

Worth the Wait!

So many young women it seems feel as if they need to be in a relationship. To have that man who can make you feel as if you are worth it.

However, there is no man on this Earth who can love you the way God loves you. He spent precious time planning each aspect of who you are to be. He designed every aspect of your being, from your hair, to the sound of your voice, and His creation is perfect and absolutely Worth It.

I have been reading this book called "God is Writing My Love Story" and the main point the authors are trying to get across is that why should we spend so much time looking for who we will fall in love with and marry? Why wouldn't we give that aspect of our lives over to God as well? Wouldn't it be correct to say that the One who created everything you are and has a plan for your life, also has a plan for when a man will come into your life and be the one for you to marry?

I don't know about you, but there are so many times where I have tried to take the lead and decide what is right for me, and have failed miserably. But when I trust in God and follow Him, things always seem to go so much better.

So I am now letting God write my love story. I am letting Him bring the right person into my life when the time is right.

In the end, if the love of my life is someone that is truly devoted to God the way I am, then it is WELL WORTH THE WAIT!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Difficult Conversations

Last semester I took this class with House of Hope about how to have difficult conversations and since then I have found that God continues to bring new situations into my life that calls for a difficult conversation to be had.

In my last post I talked about a professor's remarks about my faith and in this upcoming week I will be meeting with the provost of my University to talk about them. I do so not out of malicious intent or revenge, but because I feel that it is every student's right to be able to sit in a classroom without being insulted because of their religious beliefs.

I will also be talking with another member of the university community about an employer and how many who recently rent on a service trip to New Orleans (which I will write about soon) feel that she is unable to be in charge of such trips anymore. Again, no evil intentions, but rather as a way to not only protect her but to help other students who go on future service trips, to feel safe while doing so.

So as I continue to see God growing me in my ability to confront difficult situations head on, all I can say is that I praise Him for doing so. He continues to help me grow more in love with Him, more in my faith, and more confident as a child of God.

I know that through it all, He will give me the right words to say as I try to convey the things that need to be conveyed to the community around me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today was the last day of lecture for my class. Tomorrow we just hand in our tests and people will be presenting. I however, will be handing things in and heading on my way.
I originally planned on sitting through the first half of class before leaving to get ready to go to New Orleans for a service trip but after class today I am unsure how I can sit through that professor's class.

I understand that people hear many stereotypes about Evangelical Christians. I understand that many Evangelicals fall into some of those stereotypes in one way or another. What I don't understand is how a professor can blatantly state one of those in class with no real lesson behind it.
I knew after the first couple days of class that my professor was a hard-core Catholic who is strong in his faith and can't be swayed. But to judge another's faith based off of things you've "heard" and not experienced is completely off base if you are to be a teacher in a higher institution. To say in front of an entire class that I am an Evangelical and therefore must think I'm better than everyone is completely uncalled for.
I'm used to hearing the comments and judgments. I'm used to people relying on stereotypes when they don't understand something about my faith, but a professor who prides himself in Theology should double check before he makes a blatant statement about a student without having proof to back it up.

Never once have I said I am better than anyone and I never will. Granted, this man is allowed to hold whatever beliefs he wants, but in a class where he has been teaching the use of reason when making an argument, it would be nice for him to back up his statement with proof that I have ever once said that I am better than any Catholic because of my faith!

This is one of those times where I really wish people would base their conclusions about me off of what they have seen since knowing me. Base it off of my actions and words, not simply because of my faith and title as an Evangelical.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scarves for Hope!

I know in my last blog I posted about the scarves I was making and how I would be donating them. In the last couple weeks I have been contemplating and the one thing that keeps popping into my head is to sell them and donate the money.

Instead of pushing the idea away and being stubborn enough to want to donate them, I feel as if I am continuing to listen to God.

So here it is...the official standing on the scarves...

They will be on sale for $12 dollars. $10 of that will go towards House of Hope and the other $2 will go towards paying for more yarn! Great idea right?? Well there's more, if someone brings the yarn to me, they save $2 dollars and only have to pay $10 dollars for the scarf!

As I make the scarves I will be posting them here, as well as on FaceBook so that they will sell! I will keep you in the loop with how it's going!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


For those who haven't seen the movie "Despicable Me" anytime one of the main characters (GRU) has an idea instead of saying "I have an idea" he says "lightbulb" and therefore I have to say "LIGHTBULB"!!!!

I have known how to knit and crochet for quite some time and I have always thought that I should think of a clever way to use that gift to benefit others and I have recently been praying to God to figure out what to do and the only answer I seem to be coming back to is donating the items I make.

Therefore, from this day on, the scarves, blankets, and hats I make will be donated to an organization. I haven't figured out where to donate them yet, but it's great to know that God has given me this fantastic LIGHTBULB to start with and it will only get brighter as I figure out just where this LightBulb will take me!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Plans To Prosper and Not Harm

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." ~Jeremiah 29:11

It is truly amazing what plans God can have for you in your life. First semester I had an internship at House of Hope that changed my life. I started there feeling lost and unworthy and left there feeling as if I am truly worthy and that I had a renewed relationship with my Heavenly Father!

Before taking that internship I fought against God though I could tell that is where He wanted me to be. After having such an amazing experience I decided that I would listen more intently to God in order to determine where He wants me to go in life. I have opened back up my heart and entire life to my Creator and He has continued to do great things!

Because of this determination to listen to God, I knew that the desire to interview for a spring internship at Regis Middle School was his idea to show me whether this is where my future lies. I interviewed there this morning and can honestly say that I am excited. Though it's a Catholic school, I have no doubt that God has a plan to prosper me as he writes in the Bible. Needless to say, that I will be interning there.

I look forward to whatever it is that He has in store for me! God is great and will provide if you open up your heart and pray in order to figure out what He wants you to do!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Final J-Term

Mount Mercy has one month during the year where students only take one class: J-Term (which if you can't guess, takes place during January). At this present moment I am embarking (or have embarked) on my final J-term as a student at MMU and I'm super excited about that.
It is hard to believe that I will be graduating on May 22, also known as 138 more days if you're a dork like me who likes to count down!!!
Well the class I'm taking is called Christian Action: Moral Reponse...which wasn't my first choice...I was hoping to take a fun course like Scrapbooking, but that was cancelled and my only conclusion is that this is God's sneaky way of telling me this is where I need to be.
I knew going into the class that the teachings would be based on Catholic doctrine so I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than that. My professor is energetic, outspoken, swears quite a bit (which baffles me since it's a religion class) and insists on doing little fill in the blank things in the process of teaching so he says the word "What" hundreds of times in one class and we are supposed to guess the actual word that is to replace the "what" in his statement.
The most baffling thing to me however is how often he brings up other religions and seems to bash them. He makes it a point to try and offend people with his statements. For example, he makes it a point to bring up the evangelical faith (which if you don't know, I am a part of) and talks about why he doesn't like us and how we are too conservative and only go with what's in the Bible. Basically he seems to think we don't think for ourelves, but just do what we are told by pastor's.
I don't know quite how to respond to his belief that Evangelicals are wrong when I look at the idea of Catholics praying to Mary and think that this action is wrong because it's like she is another God to them.
Yes I read the Bible and believe it. Yes, when I go to church I listen to what is said, but I do question it and think about it to see if it matches up or contradicts the Bible at all. I believe I think for myself.

I have a feeling this J-term will be quite interesting. Thank you God for putting me in a situation where I will hopefully become better equipped to defend my beliefs!