Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today was the last day of lecture for my class. Tomorrow we just hand in our tests and people will be presenting. I however, will be handing things in and heading on my way.
I originally planned on sitting through the first half of class before leaving to get ready to go to New Orleans for a service trip but after class today I am unsure how I can sit through that professor's class.

I understand that people hear many stereotypes about Evangelical Christians. I understand that many Evangelicals fall into some of those stereotypes in one way or another. What I don't understand is how a professor can blatantly state one of those in class with no real lesson behind it.
I knew after the first couple days of class that my professor was a hard-core Catholic who is strong in his faith and can't be swayed. But to judge another's faith based off of things you've "heard" and not experienced is completely off base if you are to be a teacher in a higher institution. To say in front of an entire class that I am an Evangelical and therefore must think I'm better than everyone is completely uncalled for.
I'm used to hearing the comments and judgments. I'm used to people relying on stereotypes when they don't understand something about my faith, but a professor who prides himself in Theology should double check before he makes a blatant statement about a student without having proof to back it up.

Never once have I said I am better than anyone and I never will. Granted, this man is allowed to hold whatever beliefs he wants, but in a class where he has been teaching the use of reason when making an argument, it would be nice for him to back up his statement with proof that I have ever once said that I am better than any Catholic because of my faith!

This is one of those times where I really wish people would base their conclusions about me off of what they have seen since knowing me. Base it off of my actions and words, not simply because of my faith and title as an Evangelical.

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