Sunday, February 6, 2011

Difficult Conversations

Last semester I took this class with House of Hope about how to have difficult conversations and since then I have found that God continues to bring new situations into my life that calls for a difficult conversation to be had.

In my last post I talked about a professor's remarks about my faith and in this upcoming week I will be meeting with the provost of my University to talk about them. I do so not out of malicious intent or revenge, but because I feel that it is every student's right to be able to sit in a classroom without being insulted because of their religious beliefs.

I will also be talking with another member of the university community about an employer and how many who recently rent on a service trip to New Orleans (which I will write about soon) feel that she is unable to be in charge of such trips anymore. Again, no evil intentions, but rather as a way to not only protect her but to help other students who go on future service trips, to feel safe while doing so.

So as I continue to see God growing me in my ability to confront difficult situations head on, all I can say is that I praise Him for doing so. He continues to help me grow more in love with Him, more in my faith, and more confident as a child of God.

I know that through it all, He will give me the right words to say as I try to convey the things that need to be conveyed to the community around me.

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