Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Final J-Term

Mount Mercy has one month during the year where students only take one class: J-Term (which if you can't guess, takes place during January). At this present moment I am embarking (or have embarked) on my final J-term as a student at MMU and I'm super excited about that.
It is hard to believe that I will be graduating on May 22, also known as 138 more days if you're a dork like me who likes to count down!!!
Well the class I'm taking is called Christian Action: Moral Reponse...which wasn't my first choice...I was hoping to take a fun course like Scrapbooking, but that was cancelled and my only conclusion is that this is God's sneaky way of telling me this is where I need to be.
I knew going into the class that the teachings would be based on Catholic doctrine so I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than that. My professor is energetic, outspoken, swears quite a bit (which baffles me since it's a religion class) and insists on doing little fill in the blank things in the process of teaching so he says the word "What" hundreds of times in one class and we are supposed to guess the actual word that is to replace the "what" in his statement.
The most baffling thing to me however is how often he brings up other religions and seems to bash them. He makes it a point to try and offend people with his statements. For example, he makes it a point to bring up the evangelical faith (which if you don't know, I am a part of) and talks about why he doesn't like us and how we are too conservative and only go with what's in the Bible. Basically he seems to think we don't think for ourelves, but just do what we are told by pastor's.
I don't know quite how to respond to his belief that Evangelicals are wrong when I look at the idea of Catholics praying to Mary and think that this action is wrong because it's like she is another God to them.
Yes I read the Bible and believe it. Yes, when I go to church I listen to what is said, but I do question it and think about it to see if it matches up or contradicts the Bible at all. I believe I think for myself.

I have a feeling this J-term will be quite interesting. Thank you God for putting me in a situation where I will hopefully become better equipped to defend my beliefs!

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