Monday, January 10, 2011


For those who haven't seen the movie "Despicable Me" anytime one of the main characters (GRU) has an idea instead of saying "I have an idea" he says "lightbulb" and therefore I have to say "LIGHTBULB"!!!!

I have known how to knit and crochet for quite some time and I have always thought that I should think of a clever way to use that gift to benefit others and I have recently been praying to God to figure out what to do and the only answer I seem to be coming back to is donating the items I make.

Therefore, from this day on, the scarves, blankets, and hats I make will be donated to an organization. I haven't figured out where to donate them yet, but it's great to know that God has given me this fantastic LIGHTBULB to start with and it will only get brighter as I figure out just where this LightBulb will take me!

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