Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have finished my first three days as a Senior with the realization that this may not be so bad! I am taking 4 classes and doing an internship and I believe I will be able to handle it (mainly because one of those classes is meditation and who can't relax after meditating?).

The one class that I thought would be stressing me out is Senior seminar. This is the one class every senior dreads! With senior seminar comes a senior thesis! This semester I will be working on my psychology senior thesis, which will actually work out pretty great! I have decided on a topic and have only attended the class once so far. I'm thinking Pastoral Counseling or something like The Psychology of Faith and Spirituality. Obviously I haven't narrowed down a title or specifics or anything but I got a start!

Meditation will definitely keep me grounded and relaxed...unless all the reading kills me! And history will be blah but it's just a class to help me get the correct number of credits to graduate!

Developmental Psychology. What else is there to say other than as I continue through this class this semester I expect to start as a baby and slowly develop into a beautiful young woman before finding out that eventually I die.

Not the most intriguing post but life isn't always exciting or intriguing. Oh well.

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