Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome Back...Old Business...New Experiences

It's the first full day back at classes since Spring Break...UGH! While my day started with a cancelled class which is typical in the life of Ashley (just ask my hall director), it quickly became apparent that the day would drag on. This cough persists and while I don't mind that I'm getting better, I do mind that I have to hack up a lung every ten minutes (beats the ten seconds from Friday night though)!
To top it all off...there is this thing called an exam tomorrow morning that I need to be studying for. While I have some of the stuff down, other parts tend to escape me but I am just hoping that by the time I sit down for the test, all the information will magically come to the forefront of my brain and make it onto the paper. Who could happen. Of course, I knew about this exam before break so if you think about it, this is all old business that is just now starting to come to the foreground. Or as Gestalt therapists would say, it's unfinished business that needs to be confronted and resolved if I am to move on to focus on the present or the now (just a hint of what that test is gonna be about) :)

Then I decided today to try something new. There was this thing called a Seder Meal going on at the Sacred Heart Convent here at school (yup I'm at a catholic college). It's a Jewish meal and I signed up to go and try the food. Kiska (probably misspelled) was great! The deserts were chocolatey and the chicken soup had me smelling out of my nose for the first time in days! Then there was the horseradish! One of the nuns started to talk about how she loved the stuff and I thought okay maybe it won't be so bad...WRONG! I could barely bring myself to finish chewing! Then there was chopped liver. I've always told myself I hate liver but of course I had never actually tried it so how could I know for sure. Now I know: I DO HATE LIVER! But it wasn't as bad as the horseradish :)

So while the day started out with me sleeping in after ignoring my alarm clock. It ended with these blends of tastes in my mouth that I washed out with a cough drop to stop my coughing fits even if for a short time. So...when you go to college, try not to get sick right before a test, study at least a week in advance or you won't be able to take anything in, and try new things. While you may find that you don't like the taste of liver or horseradish, you may find that you love the bread pudding and the chocolate desert at the end.

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