Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunny Beach Somewhere...I WISH!!!

So it's almost the end of my third spring break since starting college. Like most who've seen the movies and heard the stories, I believed spring break would be a time of relaxation and fun when I was a feshmen. While some individuals I know do travel during their spring breaks, many do so for sports or for service projects. I have yet to hear of someone going on the infamous MTV spring break you see on TV where everyone is partying it up and getting drunk. But honestly, who really wants to spend an entire week wasted and unable to remember half of what goes on?
To me, spring break this year meant time spent working at the daycare here at home where I learned that there are no full-time positions open this summer but "you can work up to 20 hours a week." This of course damaged my plans for the summer because now I will need to figure out a second job to pick up this summer so that I can save up for a car!
Spring break also meant time to work on homework. Homework? Yeah that's right! College professors love to give you homework over the break simply because I believe they don't think you should be able to enjoy yourselves because many of them will be grading. It's not our faults that they schedule exams right before break so that they will be bogged down with grading!
And to top it all off...I had to spend one day sick meaning I missed out on making money at the daycare and spent the entire day hoping and praying that I wouldn't be sick the next day.
And here I am. Two days away from being back at school and just now sitting down to start on studying for one test and working on another take home exam along with hours spent working on an art project that isn't even half done.
This is what college is about! No such thing as spring BREAK...just a break from being on campus and time spent doing homework in your living room with basketball games for March Madness playing in the background!

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