Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adventures of a Daycare Worker

I worked at a daycare over the summer. It was hectic, intense, and absolutely the best experience of my life so far . Work was something I looked forward to for the pure fact that I would be working with so many children who are so innocent and unaware of the reality of the world. You know what I'm talking about! They still have the imagination that we all miss. They don't question the world and most of them have yet to figure out that there are many things wrong with the world. But the best part is that they are blunt! They speak their minds and are so very raw in their thinking because they haven't been taught to hold your tongue and speak around the truth to protect others feelings! I dread the day when those children grow up and forget about all the different "adventures" they had when playing on the playground.

It's the things that kids say that made each day unique. It's so true that kids say the darndest things...but they also believe anything as well. Though I won't go into detail about the circumstances before these things were said I just have to share some of the cutest things that I have heard from kids at here goes

1. "Your name is not Ashley! It's never been Ashley! Your name has to be Sara!" (said by a six year old girl)

2. "He hurted my feelings!" (2 yr old boy)... "Do you know what feelings are?" (me)... "No. He hurted them!" (2 yr old)

3. "You can't go home. You have to go home with me! You're my new mommy." (6 yr old)

4. "I have a pocket. Do you have a pocket? I have a pocket." (2 year old boy)
This is the point where we tell him that he lost his pocket so he stops dead in his tracks and starts searching the ground around him for it!

5. "I'm never gonna smoke or drink! That's just wrong." (9 yr old boy)

6. "I love ghost hunters! They really do look for ghosts you know!" (same 9 year old boy again)

It's been a while since I've worked since I've gotten back to school and back into the stress of classes and lectures. However, I know that when I do go back from time to time I am guaranteed new experiences and great things said by the children I have come to love so much. They are what our future holds and I look forward to hearing the things that they say and believe with each new day.

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